Quinoa Avocado Spinach Power Salad

Easy Quinoa Power Salad with creamy avocado! One of our all-time favorite salads that's full of energizing, plant-based goodness. Vegan, gluten-free, oil-free.
POW! Nutritional punch! 😉 Quinoa, spinach, and sweet cherry tomatoes join forces with bites of creamy avocado to bring it all together. I find this salad to be a perfect marriage of filling and energizing. I'm fascinated with the fact that it's so simple, yet the flavors seem complex as you eat it. Have fun playing around with different variations! Add some beans for an extra protein punch, change up the veggies, or use fresh lemon/lime juice in the dressing instead of red wine vinegar. I don't often stray too far from this version because my husband raves about how much he loves it. Our new favorite quinoa dish! Not to mention it makes a rock star take-along cold lunch. Hope you love it too!
1 cup dry quinoa
2 medium avocados
3 oz. baby spinach, more as desired
8 oz. cherry tomatoes
3 green onions (or finely diced red onion)
1-2 cloves garlic (I use 2)
2 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
1/8 tsp. salt

Cook the quinoa according to package directions.*
Meanwhile, roughly chop the spinach. Place in a large bowl.
Mince garlic, and add to spinach.
Slice the green onions, halve the cherry tomatoes, and dice the avocado.
When quinoa is done cooking, add it to the large bowl with spinach and toss. (The heat from the quinoa will lightly wilt the spinach and mellow the garlic.)
Add the green onions, tomatoes, red wine vinegar, and salt. Stir to combine.
Add the avocado and lightly toss.
Serve immediately or refrigerate to let flavors blend more.

*To cook quinoa, I use a ratio of about 1 cup quinoa to 1 1/2 cups water for fluffier quinoa.