Your love is a many-layered thing, and now you can express it in a deliciously whimsical format with our Easy Layers! Cake Pan Set and this elegantly monochromatic color scheme. Easy enough for a beginner decorator, it’s a sweet heart shaped cake they’ll remember.
Step 1
Bake and cool cake. Bake cake in Easy Layers! Heart Pan Set and let cool on cooling grid.

Step 2
Tint buttercream. Use the Pink and Rose icing colors to tint 1/3 cup icing each in three shades of pink, and three shades of rose (2 cups total of colored icing, plus 1/2 cup of desired filling).

Step 3
Assemble decorating bags. Fit each decorating bag with one of the six tips listed, and then fill each with one shade of icing.

Step 4
Assemble the cake. As you layer your cake and filling, use the decorating bags to randomly pipe stars, dots and rosettes along the edges between the layers.

Step 5

Decorate the top layer. Cover the entire top layer in alternating pink and rose shades of stars, dots and rosettes.