Italian Meringue Buttercream

Since my Swiss Meringue Buttercream has surely lived up to it’s name of “World Famous”! it seems about time to add to our repertoire yet another variation of buttercream.
The Italian Meringue Buttercream. For those who are looking for a silky smooth way less sugar recipe this one is for you!
Italian Meringue Buttercream

  • Egg Whites 7 large (210g)
  • Granulated Sugar 2 cups (400g)
  • Water 1cup (237ml)
  • Unsalted Butter 5 sticks (1lb 4oz) (566g)
  • Solid Vegetable Shortening 1 cup (198g)
  • Vanilla Extract 2 Tablespoons

  • In a large heavy bottom sauce pot, combine the water and sugar and stir over high heat until the sugar is dissolved into the water.
  • Attach a candy thermometer to the side of the pot and continue boiling without stirring, until the sugar solution reaches 240° F
  • Meanwhile in the clean bowl of your kitchen aid mixer with the whisk attachment place the egg whites.
  • As soon as the sugar mixture reaches 240° F you can turn on the mixer to medium high speed to get the whites frothy and gaining volume.
  • Once the egg whites are starting to get white in color and frothy and gain some strength SLOWLY, as fine as a thread of hair, begin pouring the hot syrup into the whipping whites.
  • Try to avoid splashing the syrup onto the whisk attachment as it is whipping the whites, or you will be making spun sugar as it hits the sides of the metal bowl!
  • Continue whipping the whites until the mixture has COOLED COMPLETELY before you add the butter/shortening or you will have Butter Soup!
  • Once the Italian Meringue is COOL TO THE TOUCH you may add the butter/shortening that is at ROOM TEMPERATURE to the meringue while whipping on medium-high speed
  • Add the vanilla extract
  • Switch to the paddle attachment and mix on low- medium speed until smooth