Pumpkin Thumbprint Cookies

this monday I bought some cooking pumpkins, and I can’t wait to make my own pumpkin puree!
Pumpkin Thumbprint Cookies


  1. ¼ cup + 2 Tbs. Butter, softened
  2. ¼ cup Brown Sugar, or Coconut Sugar
  3. ¼ cup Sugar
  4. 1 egg
  5. 1/2 cup Pumpkin Puree
  6. 3 cups AP Flour
  7. 1 – 2 tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice (Or nutmeg+cinnamon+ginger) add more if you like it spicy.
  8. 1½ teaspoons Baking Powder
  9. Jumbo Dark Chocolate Chips
  10. Coconut Oil (optional)


  • Preheat oven to 375. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. 
  • Cream together butter and sugars. Add egg and mix well. Add puree and mix again.
  • In separate bowl, whisk together flour, spices and baking powder.
  • Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix until dough comes together.
  • Roll dough into 1-inch balls and place on baking sheet. 
  • Bake for 10-11 minutes until golden brown and ‘crackled’ on top.
full reading : http://www.bakeaholic.ca/